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Go Paperless—Automate Your HR Processes

Digitize your paper processes with a single integrated platform. From recruiting and onboarding, to managing and securing employee files, it’s finally easy and affordable for everyone on your HR team to ditch that paper.

Paperless Business Processes

Get rid of your paper stacks by digitizing your existing records, intaking new records, and exchanging information quickly without ever having to print, mail, scan, fax, or misplace physical documents.

Route Workflows Automatically

Eliminate repetitive tasks and manual data entry by digitizing and automating internal and external workflows—so easy to build you can do it without a developer. Give your team time back to focus on the people in your organization, not manual processes.

Know the Process of all Tasks

Keep everyone accountable by tracking the progress of tasks with a birds-eye-view. Spot and resolve bottlenecks, prevent requests from going stagnant, and ensure information is routed to the correct recipient.

Secure Content Management

Manage, store, and exchange data without the risk. Prevent unauthorized access to confidential files with document-level encryption and user permissions, while tracking company data with a detailed audit history and reporting.

Learn how Vasion Automation Cloud can streamline your HR processes in days, not months