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Information About Use of Cookies

PrinterLogic uses Cookies on its website www.printerlogic.com (hereafter “website”) in accordance with all valid data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The following information explains what Cookies are, which Cookies are used on the website and their respective function as well as how they can be administered or deactivated.

1. What is a Cookie?

1.1 Browser Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user’s computer’s browser directory. Cookies enable websites to recognize the internet browser. They can comprise the exchange of information between a user and the DFL, a third party acting on behalf of the DFL or a third party in accordance with data protection laws.

Cookies can be used by PrinterLogic to collect users’ data. Users can configure their computers to inform them when a Cookie is being sent to them. Furthermore, it is possible to deactivate all cookies. This option can be found in users’ internet browser settings. If users deactivate Cookies, they no longer have full access to the wide range of functions that aid their visit to the website. Furthermore, not all PrinterLogic services will function correctly. In the final part of this information on Cookies there are further entries on how a user can administer and deactivate Cookies in their browser.

PrinterLogic uses several types of Cookies that have different functions. Further information on Cookies and their functions can be found on informative websites such as allaboutcookies.org.

1.2 Flash Cookies

Commercial partners/customers and third-party service providers of PrinterLogic can also use Local Shared Objects (LSO) or Flash Cookies to collect and store data. Flash Cookies differ from Browser Cookies in number, type and method of storing data. They cannot be deleted via administration tools for Cookies available in an internet browser. In the final part of this information there is further information on deactivating Flash Cookies.

If users deactivate Flash Cookies, they no longer have full access to the wide range of functions that aid their visit to the website. Furthermore, not all PrinterLogic services will function correctly.

2. What type of Cookies are there?

Cookies used on this website can be divided into the following four categories. The description is meant to help users decide how they wish to interact with this website and other online services.

In essence, Cookies can be differentiated between

– Cookies that are deleted after leaving this website (so-called session cookies) and
– Cookies that are stored even after leaving this website in order to make certain information available once more on the next visit to the website (so-called permanent cookies).

Furthermore, Cookies can be set by PrinterLogic (so-called First Party Cookies) or by third-parties (so-called Third Party Cookies).

2.1 Essential Cookies

These Cookies play an essential role and allow a user to navigate around the website and use certain functions. Without the essential Cookies, users cannot use certain online services such as shopping carts or calling up invoices after confirming a purchase.

Users are not asked for permission for essential Cookies, as these are indispensable if a user wishes to use PrinterLogic services.

2.2 Performance Cookies

PrinterLogic (or service providers acting on its behalf) can store performance Cookies on a user’s computer. Information collected by PrinterLogic using performance Cookies are used solely by or in the interests of the DFL.

These performance Cookies collect anonymous information about how a user consumes this website and its functions. For example, by using performance Cookies, PrinterLogic collects information about which sites users visit most often, whether they open and read our messages, which advertisements on other sites they click on and whether they receive an error message. Using this data, PrinterLogic can personalize users’ online experience by displaying specific content. Furthermore, the performance Cookies can reduce the frequency with which the same advertisement is displayed. Performance Cookies do not collect any information which could identify a user.

In the lower area of each page on this website there is a link to this information about the use of Cookies. By using this website and its functions now and in the future, users consent to PrinterLogic (and third-parties advertising on this website) storing performance Cookies on their computer.

Performance Cookies can be deleted and administered by users. Further information on how to do this can be found in the final section.

2.3 Functional Cookies

PrinterLogic (or service providers acting on its behalf) can place Functional Cookies on a user’s computer. Information collected by PrinterLogic via Functional Cookies are not passed on to commercial partners/customers or third parties.

Functional Cookies allow PrinterLogic to store information about users’ settings (for example preferred language, country of residence or other online parameters). They also allow PrinterLogic to directly offer users their chosen personal functions and improvements. PrinterLogic also uses Functional Cookies to offer users certain online services and also to prevent users being offered certain online services they expressly do not wish to receive. In certain cases, PrinterLogic can allow a commercial partner/customer or third party to offer users content or online services from third party websites. In this case, it is possible that third parties place Functional Cookies on users’ computers and use them in the same way as PrinterLogic to offer users personalized functions or improvements regarding content or third-party offerings.

When users select personalized options, parameters or function improvements, they consent to PrinterLogic using Functional Cookies to create a personal online experience.

If users deactivate Functional Cookies then all selected preferences and parameters will be disregarded during future visits.

2.4 Cookies for targeted advertising

2.4.1 Targeted advertisements from third parties
Targeted advertisement Cookies from third parties can be stored on users’ computers by commercial partners/customers, advertising networks, data exchange services, market analysts and other service providers.

Targeted advertisement Cookies from third parties collect information via users’ browser activity on different websites and through the use of online services. This enables them to provide users with relevant advertisements about those websites and other PrinterLogic online services and about the websites and online services of third parties. Advertising networks can pass this information on to commercial partners/customers that use their network. Information collected by third parties via these advertising Cookies provide no evidence about the personal identity of users.

2.4.2 Targeted advertising from PrinterLogic
Cookies used by PrinterLogic for targeted advertising are placed and administered on users’ computers by PrinterLogic (or a third party acting on its behalf).

The use of these Cookies on this website, in conjunction with displayed content and advertisement as well as online services offered by third parties, enables PrinterLogic to decipher which PrinterLogic content or advertisements users consume or click on. This means PrinterLogic can show users products it believes are of interest to the users. Targeted advertisement Cookies from PrinterLogic collect anonymous data.

2.4.3 Further information on Cookies for targeted adverting
The provider that places the respective Cookie (third parties or the PrinterLogic itself) is responsible for receiving the users’ consent.

When a user sees this icon on a PrinterLogic advertisement or a third-party advertisement, they can click on it to learn more about targeted advertisements that are based on their personal preferences—for instance, how he/she can benefit from the possible control systems in their internet browser settings. More information can be found at: http://www.youronlinechoices.eu/

3. Registered users

Through the use of cookies and other tracking technology, PrinterLogic is able to analyze the online activities of the users who are registered on this website or any of the other online services provided by PrinterLogic. If a user has opted to receive e-mails from PrinterLogic (i.e. a newsletter), PrinterLogic cookies and other tracking technologies may be used to personalize future messages based on the users’ individual preferences.

Furthermore, cookies and other tracking technologies can be included in messages that are addressed directly to a user, for example, to find out whether the message has been opened or read, which content was clicked on specifically and which links were followed. As a result, PrinterLogic is then better able to tailor their messages to the interests of the user.

A user can unsubscribe from these targeted advertisements by clicking on the relevant link in the e-mail. Alternatively, they can log into their account and click on the option to not receive any further e-mails. To avoid receiving targeted advertisements based on their online behavior on this or other websites, the user should follow the instructions on targeted advertisements above.

4. Deactivation/activation of cookies on a user’s chosen internet browser

A user’s internet browser is equipped with certain tools which enable them to maintain cookies and other tracking technologies. A user can accept or decline cookies by adjusting the settings of their internet browser. They can also adjust the settings so that the browser prompts them for confirmation before a cookie of a website visited by the user is accepted. If a user deactivates all cookies, they won’t be able to use all interactive features of a website.

If a user has access to several computers in different locations, they should ensure that every internet browser is adjusted to their preferred settings.

A user can delete all cookies stored in the cookie file of their internet browser. Every browser offers several features that enable a user to alter its parameters. You can find more information on various internet browsers by clicking on the following links.

– Microsoft Windows Explorer
– Google Chrome
– Mozilla Firefox
– Apple Safari

If a user doesn’t have any of the above browsers, they can click on “Cookies“ in the “Help“ tab of their browser to find out where their cookie file is saved.

Deactivating Flash Cookies
A user can change the Flash Cookie settings by clicking on the following link: Deactivate Flash Cookies

5. Web analysis tools and social plugins

For information on cookies used by web analysis tools, how to deactivate these tools and the use of social plugins, please refer to our data privacy statement.